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17 June 1981
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Hunderttausend heulende Höllenhunde!

my family, paintings, books, Vlieland, the sea, holidays, music, Anderson Cooper, pundit (b)romance, football, Jens Lehmann, Arminius, Sherlock Holmes (and the wonderful Jeremy Brett), Chinese Food, Victorian everything, sleeping, chocolate, bathing/taking a shower, Gene Kelly, fanfiction, England, rats and ravens, movies, Donald O'Connor, tapdance, Terry Pratchett, a tidy home (German, you know?).

getting up early, cigarettes smoke, the taste of alcohol, people chewing their food loudly, people who don't have an opinion or don't stand up for it, George W. Bush, Oliver Kahn and The Pope (The Triangle of Hell), not being able to take a shower in the morning, people talking loudly or using their mobile in the cinema, highheels, Deutsche Bahn, rude ticket inspectors, rain soaking the hem of my jeans.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld, The Hunger Games, Ephraim Kishon, Arthur Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes, The Three Musketeers, Lawrence of Arabia, Interview with a Vampire, Artemis Fowl, Kafka, Martha Grimes, Walter Moers, Michael Ende, Jostein Gaarder, The Seed and the Sower, Alexander the Great (by Haefs), Tintin and Snowy, Asterix and Obelix, my grandma's poems and stories.

Poets of the Fall, Oceansize, Tool, Two Steps from Hell, A Perfect Circle, Gershwin, Mozard, Vaughan Williams, Britten, Vivaldi, Iva Davies, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, some musicals, listening to my mum practising the violine//
comedians: Tresenlesen, Dieter Nuhr, Bully.

MOVIES (and a bit of TV)
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Samurai Fiction, The Hunger Games, The Secret Garden, Singing in the Rain, Lawrence of Arabia, Harp Blues, Happy Together, Master and Commander, The Prestige, Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship, The Hitchhiker's Guide, The Bird People in China, Tintin and the Lake of Sharks, that one cute docu about Knut *g*, Whalerider, AC 360, The Colbert Report.