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04 October 2012 @ 12:08 pm
Okay USA...  
... you know what? Just elect Romney president already. Re-electing Bush has shown that media circus and best actor/liar/(the one who doesn't come across as intelligent and "elitist") wins out against a harsh reality check and it doesn't really matter if Romney regularly insults the majority of the population so please, just elect him. I have to admit I have this perverse curiousity of wanting to know what will happen. I have to ignore that I have friends and relatives in the US and that there are millions and millions who will suffer if Romney does everything he says he will do but aww, never mind. I would actually expect an improvement of the economy on a superficial level. Corporations and rich people would do better. And by cutting tons of spendings for social care, education, health and stuff the giant debts would probably decrease a bit as well.

I just wouldn't want to be the president four or eight years later when people have figured out that dying because they can't pay the hospital isn't fun and that the tax payer has to pay for it anyway if they don't just want to let the poor people dying in front of the building. They might also notice that decent quality education will get even less accessible for non-rich/super-intelligent people. And all those unwanted children, illegal abortions...  But then, that is something that will get more noticable in the next ten years or so. When the people who messed things up are sitting on the private island.

So yeah, elect Romney. If anything it will be worth the comedy potential for Bill Maher and comedians worldwide. And who knows, Romney might actually have the potential to have the rest of the western world inculding everyone else with exception of Israel to declare war on the USA because, er, lets just say if he did in front of a German labor union what he has done in front of American workers he would be dead by now. The guy is so far removed from reality he simply insults everyone left and right whenever he takes a step out of the US. XD

No, this is not funny. I just can't believe how people can let an TV acting and lying competition have such big influence on such an important election and millions practically forget what Romney said and did before. Amazing.
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